MPH.Science Upsized Primary 5&6 (Home Edition) 9789814852951 MPH.Science Upsized Primary 5&6 (Home Edition) 9789814852951
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28 พฤศจิกายน 2563

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Science 5&6 Upsized Textbook is a combined and expanded edition of the My Pals Are Here! Science 3&4 (3rd Edition) Texbooks encompassing the themes of Cycles, System, Interactions and Energy. It aims to bolster pupils' confidence for the examinations.

The concept answers are elaborated, and more real-world examples are included to help pupils deepen their understanding ofthe concepts. Pupils then apply the concepts learnt when attempt the questions.

Suggested answers are provided for the questions posed in each chapter, and the breakdown of make is included in the answer for the open-ended questions. This helps to facilitate learning and boost pupils' readiness for the examinations.